Sarenza Flash terms and conditions

Terms of subscription

Sarenza introduces the Sarenza Flash service, a yearly subscription billed £11 a year. The service provides home delivery in 24 hours for all orders placed on the site subject to the terms mentioned below. All subscriptions for this paid service are conditioned to the customer accepting our terms and conditions (available here), and our protection policy for personal details (available here). The customer must acknowledge the terms and conditions and the protection policy before subscribing to this paid service.

The service is registered at time of application on the site and is subject to the payment validation. Each time the customer logs into their account on the site, the customer will be able to benefit from the service.

The subscription is only available on the account that the customer subscribed to the service on.

Subscription terms and process for cancellation

The subscription is valid for the initial period of one year from the date the customer clicks on the button “Choose Sarenza Flash for only £11 a year”. This button can be found on the delivery page where the customer selects the method of delivery, after selecting the box “I accept the Terms and Conditions of the Sarenza Flash offer".
The subscription will be automatically renewed for a successive period of one year from the date of expiry of the previous subscription. The contract can be terminated by sending an email to Sarenza Customer Services ( subject to compliance with a notice period of one month before the end date of the previous subscription.

Withdrawal rights

The customer has a legal delay of 14 days to express their right to withdraw from the subscription without any reason.
The customer must notify Sarenza in writing of their decision to withdraw their subscription. The customer can do this by writing to Sarenza Customer Services, 27/29 Rue de Choiseul 75002 Paris, before the 14-day right to withdraw ends.
The customer will be refunded the amount that the customer paid for the subscription.
The withdrawal form is available from this link.

Conditions of payment

The customer must pay the amount of the subscription at the same time as when the customer signs up for the service. An additional line will appear in the order summary and also on the invoice for the order.
Sarenza reserves the rights to modify the conditions and tariffs. The customer will be informed of all changes each year before the renewal of the customer’s subscription.
In case of renewal of subscription, a direct debit will take place a year after the initial subscription, on the same date as the original subscription.

Force majeure

Sarenza cannot be held responsible for any breach of its obligations due to force majeure.


The 24 hour delivery is not guaranteed for the service Sarenza Flash for all orders made:
  • Public holidays and non-working days
  • The eve of a public holiday or a non-working day. The order will be shipped the day after the public holiday or non-working day.
  • If the order is placed on a Friday, it will be shipped the following Monday.
  • After 1pm, from Monday to Thursday. The order will be shipped the next working day.
Restrictions of post codes: Each time when the customer makes an order and after the customer has confirmed their delivery address, a message will indicate if this address is not eligible for delivery within 24 hours and will specify the delivery time guaranteed for this address.
Restrictions of products: Not all of the products proposed on the site are eligible for the 24 hour delivery. The list of the excluded products of this service are available on the link here

In the case of an order with an ineligible item, the Sarenza Flash service cannot be used. The customer must choose another method of delivery.

The orders will be shipped by DHL.

Cash payment is not available for the Sarenza Flash service.

Bank transfer is not available for the Sarenza Flash service.

The Sarenza Flash delivery mode is not available for orders placed via the Sarenza mobile application.

Exchanges and returns of products

The terms of exchanging and returning goods are explained in the terms and conditions that can be found here.