Stéphane Gontard

Stephane Gontard

The Stéphane Gontard brand was established in Lyons in 1835, its redesigned lionhead logo a nod to its home town. The brand's hour of glory came in the 1970s with its superb men's collections. Its manufacturing quality is legendary in the high-end men's shoe market. Latterly the brand has reinvented itself to attract a younger following of both sexes and has focused its designs on fashionable urban living and casual chic combined with practicality. Each season, the collections use new materials or original accessories, sometimes turning them to a different use from that originally intended. Raw and sensual materials, brushed calfskin, shadow finish mock croc, matt or glossy... all heighten the sensory pleasures of the shoes. Multiple styles and effects — from vintage rock star to casual zen and the downright unconventional — allow you to express your different personalities. A wide range of different colours, scraped concrete, brushed metal and burnt leather all harmonise beautifully with exotic materials such as camel, kid and reptile leather.

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