The history of Vialis shoes is an authentic Spanish tale. Founded in Barcelona in 1996, Vialis spent its first eight years establishing itself in Iberia, opening five boutiques between Barcelona and Madrid. By 2004, the shoes were primed for the international market and the company's expansion plans went without a hitch, culminating in the opening of new stores in Paris and Berlin in 2008. Recognising that not all customers are the same is fundamental to the brand's success. The quality of the materials, comfort, originality and authentic styling also play their part... Vialis shoes are made primarily from Italian leather and rely on an environmentally friendly vegetable tanning process. Sarenza is committed to offering you Vialis creations. Each pair of shoes is individually crafted and easy-to-wear. The look is a contemporary twist on vintage style in a natural or shadow finish. You haven't heard the last of Vialis shoes!

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