The Cassette

The brand ‘The Cassette’ was born out of a shared dream of 3 friends in the 1980’s. Guillaume, Dany and Baptiste, all aged 28, had already embarked on their careers as young professionals- An accountant, a sales manager and a Public Relations manager. Their complementary careers provided the perfect ingredients to begin their project. They shared a common passion for fashion, music and urban art - the cool sneaker. Trainers by ‘The Cassette’ showcase the best looks and styles on the street through its easy to wear and comfortable models. Old school becomes ‘The Cassettes’ signature style as they mix vibrant colours with original materials and motifs to create that all important 1980’s retro finish. So let’s rewind the tape, press play on our Walkmen and dance to the music of ‘The Cassette’. These vintage trainers have been carefully hand-picked for our Sarenza customers, we’ve also given you extraordinary delivery conditions - Free postage and packaging with the possibility to try at home and if that wasn’t enough we’ve also given you 100 days to decide whether you want to keep them or not. So let’s start jamming to ‘The cassette’.

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