For kids accessories, Starchild is the new brand to watch. Janet, the founder and head of Starchild, has been accumulating 20 years of experience in grown-up shoe design for many famous brands such as Vivienne Westwood or Nick Coleman. She even designed tailor-made shoes for celebrities including Boy George or Prince! After she gave birth to her son, she naturally began to make shoes for him on a machine placed in the guest room. But very quickly her creations attracted celebrities so much that Liam Gallagher ordered a pair of shoes for his son and asked for a pair for himself! Starchild shoes were launched under the best auspices and make children benefit from their lucky star. These trendy and fun baby shoes are made in Leicester, England and are hand finished. The greatest attention is provided to details. For example, we can notice non-skid suede leather soles, nice and colorful slippers made of non-toxic dyes, or elasticated ankles for the best stay-on. Starchild shoes are great outfits for our baby stars, stimulating their creativity and offering them since their very first days a great well-being.

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