The legendary American brand Schott has arrived at Sarenza! In 1913, the Schott brothers started selling waterproofs in a basement in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Building on this success, they decided to embark on industrial production in Staten Island, New York. Schott then went on to become the inventors of the zipper on leather jackets, but are best known for launching the new fashion jacket made especially for bikers in 1928: The Perfecto. When the Schott Perfecto was worn in the film "The Wild" in 1954 by the legendary actor Marlon Brando, and then became an inseparable accessory from the image of James Dean, the jacket transformed into an essential fashion accessory for a generation. The Schott accessories retain their rebellious streak, full of freedom and forward thinking, walking the line between fashion and a desire for singularity.

Do you love Schott as much as we do?

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