For more than a century, the world-renowned Scholl brand has been synonymous with shoes that are comfortable, promote healthy feet and improve daily life. The history of the brand goes back to 1904 when William M. Scholl, then 22, graduated in medicine and developed the first Scholl products. The brand was born. Its creator was always loyal to his original ambition to improve "the comfort and wellbeing of people through their feet". From that moment on, Scholl shoes and products rapidly earned a loyal and ever-satisfied following. In the 60s and 70s, Scholl shoes became a true fashion phenomenon and the famous wooden sandals, now known simply as "Scholls", were all the rage. Celebrities fuelled the craze, with stars like Twiggy wearing them with the very first mini skirts. Over a hundred years after the invention of the brand, Scholl shoes are still held up as a yardstick in the field of foot health, comfort and wellbeing. In 2008, Scholl launched a new line of sexy, feminine shoes with a retro look that sparked a new craze!

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