Schmoove & Sons

Schmoove & Sons is the hip range for the under 16s from the Schmoove brand. This is the latest offering from famous shoemakers Rautureau, creators of the Jean-Baptiste Rautureau brand which gave us the ultimate in elegant shoes for men and the luxurious Free Lance range for girls. Schmoove & Sons shoes are instantly recognisable: the brand has taken the streamlined shape of a classic shoe and given it a sportier, trendier and more original look. Quirky touches still abound: leather with a burnt tinge, boot uppers with small perforations, soles decorated with funky patterns... Schmoove & Sons shoes aren't just original and classy; they are also extremely comfortable with their flexible gum sole and soft leather. Schmoove & Sons are genuine replicas of the adult versions — after all, the brand knows very well that today's teenagers don't want to be treated like kids.

Do you love Schmoove & Sons as much as we do?

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