The history of the brand Roadsign is not a classic story…because Roadsign is not your everyday shoe brand! To understand, let’s do a quick rewind into 1970s Australia. The world is beginning to open up, everyone dreams of traveling…but tickets are expensive and the infrastructures aren’t yet developed. This is the era of the backpacking traveler, he who does whatever he can and travels light but always brings back the most amazing memories of wherever he goes, knowing that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Australia, that faraway land, was considered as exotic as the moon and the few tourists took pleasure in taking home road signs as souvenirs: Attention: koala crossing! Roger Carthew, Aboriginal Australian, decided in the mid 1980s to create Roadsign, which sold these famous yellow signs in specialty shops. The government actually complained because of an upsurge of accidents between drivers and wild animals! Roadsign has since come a long way and continues to stir the adventurer in all of us. Roadsign equips explorers with all types of shoes, clothing, and accessories. Roadsign also organizes races and expeditions and, above all, Roadsign preserves the environment. Roadsign loves Australia and is waiting to share its passion with you!

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