Pony is the ultimate brand in trainers from the US. Founded in the heart of Brooklyn in New York in 1972, the Pony brand had already became an important player in the sports shoes market by the 1980’s. Famous athletes with big names like Pele, Mohammed Ali, Dan Marino, Reggie Jackson and others all wore Pony shoes, and in particular the famous Chevron model. The meeting of performance and style that characterises Pony shoes has made them a point of reference, with a mix of classic designs and real technical innovations to accompany the high energy lifestyle of urban youth. The Pony brand has also been able to win over today’s athletes and a whole new generation eager for vintage and modern sports accessories. The Farmhaus, the brand’s new Hollywood flagship outlet, reflects this spirit and its opening night drew numerous artists from the Hip Hop scene, such as musicians, DJs and graffiti artists, including Ghettoblaster, Rug Burn and Carson Cornett. That’s Pony shoes: an inimitable authenticity that draws its truth from its roots on the East Coast in the birthplace of street wear. So to be on top of your game on the field and off, you know what you have to do: order a pair of Ponys!

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