Polliwalks, an American manufacturer of fun shoes for children, is not happy to settle for serving the trend for rubber clogs in small sizes. Polliwalks clogs offer all the advantages of this type of shoe — excellent ventilation and a material which is not averse to water and which inhibits the growth of bacteria. These are also ecological products — all the waste generated during the moulding process is recycled, which means that Polliwalks does not have to throw away any industrial waste. No animal products are used, the adhesives are all water-based, and even the packaging, minimised to prevent wasted resources, is made from recycled paper and plastic — even the hangers and labels. Polliwalks is particularly concerned with the comfort and care of feet — indispensable qualities when it comes to shoes for little ones. But what puts Polliwalks clogs in a different class is that they also appeal to the imagination of children! The rubber is moulded into the shape of animals and each model also has a unique personality. The ultimate patented feature: each of the different designs leaves behind the same footprints as the animal depicted on the shoe! Your little nipper's shoes will become playmates. A wonderful and fun innovation from Polliwalks.

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