Poisson Bleu

The brand ‘Poisson Bleu’ mixes French explorer creativity and the ‘French touch’ manufacturing in its line of accessories. Inspired by travel and nomadic lifestyle of contemporary women, the creator Aurélie Tournier allowed women to adapt and travel with a bag that reminds them of their origins. Founded in 1995, the ‘Poisson Bleu’ brand firmly points towards the creation of 1997 accessories. It was launched thanks to its participation with a salon ‘Première Classe’, where Aurélie took up several creative challenges in the course of editions, such as restyling for Repetto ballet pumps, (which would later be commercialised by the famous shop sign), customising the famous bar stool ‘Bubu’ from Philippe Starck, or even imagining a bag from the year 2000. After a varied journey, which saw the marketing happen at L’Oréal in the designing of the household linen in a small company, the creator wanted to use her own signature label. Her many experiences have allowed her to reach a rapid success, notably in the United States and in Japan, but also in Italy and Spain. The French like other foreigners were seduced by the inventive, city design of ‘Poisson Bleu’ brands; but also by their French manufacturing, Parisian even! The quality control, the reactivity, and the suppleness of production, which you can find notably more improved, and the materials (textiles and skin) are imported from Italy. The accessories brand ‘Poisson Bleu’ as well as upscale bags, in a discrete and accessible fantasy.

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