Hot, hot, hot! Sensual, sexy, wild! Pleaser shoes have made quite a name for themselves in a very short time, and we can immediately understand why: who can resist a mermaid with a pair of Pleaser heels perched on the end of her fins? Stunning heels with imagination-defying platforms and breathtaking notches are available in colours like black, red, pink, white, and leopard! With such materials as fur, soft leather, latex, and plastic, Pleaser holds more than a candle to its competitors! But do not believe that the brand only takes care of its numerous aficionados... Pleaser’s mission is to make the whole planet sexy, offering models at highly competitive prices. The finishes encompass beautiful craftsmanship, top-quality materials, and are made with art and love, so there is no reason for not adopting THE pair of latex waders you’ve always dreamed of! Even Hollywood has been taken—the stars love to be seen mounted on the most extravagant sandals or boots from Pleaser! The Pleaser revolution is on, and nothing seems able to stop it!

Do you love Pleaser as much as we do?

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