Petits Petons

The brand Petits Petons is a remedy of anti-gloom. Founded in 1992, in the midst of an economic crisis, the brand had the idea to approach its customers with a fresh and reassuring manner, by determining the price of the accessories according to their size rather that their style. This new idea was well received by a public that found the offer transparent, simple and readable, a proposal that makes sense. The approach of the Petits Petons brand is also, of course, to create the best possible shoes for children. Whatever their subject or their format, they must ensure the safety, maintenance, and well-being of the feet, both for babies and for growing children. Petits Petons have successfully met the difficult Parisian standards, thanks to extended collections with over 120 different styles created each season, from which Sarenza has selected the best! Diversity combined with a constant focus on product quality and comfort for children, puts the Petits Petons shoes top of the list for parents.

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