Patrick Cox

Patrick Cox, one of the big names in the culture of British shoes is in actually… Canadian. It was on the other side of the Atlantic that Patrick Cox first felt his passion for England, the Queen, and rock ‘n roll. It was this anglomania that drew him into the entourage of the creative visionary Vivienne Westwood with whom he earned his stripes before launching his first collection of Patrick Cox shoes. He was then barely even 22 years old. In real fashion guru style, Patrick Cox soon found himself surrounded by admirers, and amongst them celebrities: Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Liz Hurley, and even Elton John all swooned before his creations. Some of them had even gone as far as to associate their image with the Patrick Cox brand. All through the ‘90s, the brand enjoyed an immense popularity. Patrick Cox shoes ooze non conformism with their high class rock ‘n roll styles that refuse all compromises. Luxury materials and audacious details reserve a special place in our hearts for Patrick Cox shoes. Was that the good old days? Not at all!! Under the force of the Royer group the Patrick Cox brand is back in service. Dandies and amateur fashion fanatics eager for "so British style" can now be served on Sarenza.

Do you love Patrick Cox as much as we do?

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