Patagonia shoes are created by a small business founded by a group of friends, climbers and surfers, who produced climbing equipment right from the outset. An approach which was both natural and extreme, and which was soon extended to other disciplines, such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kayaking and trail running. Quiet sports where man is in harmony with nature and its purity. It is this minimalist and essential spirit which we find in Patagonia shoes, be they sandals, ballet pumps, flip flops, boots or ankle boots. Made from beautiful and functional material pre-destined for lovers of the planet and of simple pleasures. Patagonia is a brand that is also committed to protecting the environment — it dedicates much of its time and at least 1% of its turnover to the fight against the degradation of our habitat on behalf of everyone. A global mentality represented by the "Tin Shed", a small tin workshop which for a while housed the entirety of the company of Yvon Chouinard and his friends. The brand's website invites you to visit this workshop and discover the adventures experienced by Patagonia's customers. Soon, perhaps, it will be your turn to adorn the walls with memories of your travels in Patagonia!

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