Pack & Fly

Pack and Fly is a new brand of bags and luggage that helps to make our lives easier! For example, have you ever felt the terrible stress when clearing customs at the airport, that last step before a highly anticipated, well-deserved vacation? That moment of doubt: are we in good standing? Is everything in the right place? Pack and Fly understands this emotion and offers highly organized bags that let us look customs officials confidently in the eye! The bags include containers made especially for our favourite toiletries as well as pockets for storing airline tickets, passports, and other important documents. When we finally arrive at the beach, Pack and Fly is still there for us with items like Mon Petit Frigo, a portable cooler bag inspired by the 1960s vinyl spirit, that gives us a hand by holding all the necessary ingredients for a perfect picnic! Pack and Fly guarantees a successful, worry-free holiday!

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