Original Penguin

Original Penguin shoes obviously are the ultimate encounter between American vintage and casual laid-back attitude. Created in Minneapolis, this brand was called Munsingwear and used to sell military outfits! But as a quirk of fate, it became famous thanks to an Original Penguin golf shirt! This very special mascot was found when one of the salesmen randomly bought a stuffed penguin in a New York shop in 1955. Renamed Original Penguin, the line carved out a reputation for itself in the field of elegant sport equipment for American " suburbans". A bonanza it still successfully follows nowadays through talent and irony by renewing 50s classics to adapt them to the current demanding lifestyle. Original Penguin shoes are worn all over the world by these US retro style amateurs who associate their low or hi-top trainers and casual shoes with neat and trendy designs. Enjoy simple and comfortable accessories with Original Penguin unique line! Their flair will enhance your basics!

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