Ocra is more than just a children’s shoe brand…it’s a way of life! With a mindset that revolves around traditional values, self-respect, and eco-friendly ideals, Ocra uses all of the latest techniques to put these ideas into practice. Ocra manufactures all of its shoes by hand with only the best leathers. The leathers are tanned using non-polluting products, while the soles are crafted with plant products. The rare plastic used in Orca shoes is 100% recycled and biodegradable. Finally, for the icing on the cake, Ocra goes further by promising to use only solar energy! Produced by photovoltaic panels, it’s the cleanest energy available with a goal of creating a 0% impact on the planet. Ocra shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and made to last. They’re full of life and colour, because childhood should always remain a fairy tale!

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