Nobrand started life in Portugal in the 1980s and its fresh, simple attitude has been the key to its success. No collection is like any other. Authentic and original, they always have their finger on the pulse of fashion and even look towards future trends. The brand is aimed at both men and women who love fashion and creativity. Nobrand shoes have imposed their unique, vibrant, expressive style across Europe, America and Asia and the brand now has 1200 sales outlets from France to Canada. Loafers, cowboy boots, urban sneakers, long boots and ankle boots, beautiful brogues and classic Derbys... Nobrand shoes have stamped their mark on all looks with the same brilliance and panache! In addition to its quest for stylish shapes and lines, Nobrand's spirit of innovation extends to materials and colours, resulting in totally original and unexpected combinations. The dynamic identity of Nobrand designs goes hand in hand with a fast-paced and positive lifestyle. Eternally optimistic!

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