Nike 6.0

Nike 6.0 is the new collection from the Swoosh label that’s especially designed for BMX riders, skaters, surfers, and other the fanatics of extreme sports and the lifestyle that goes with it. Nike 6.0 trainers break with the classics, like with the style Mavrik, and adapt them to the needs of the planet’s coolest sportsmen. The Melee, for example, has a light construction and protects the foot with its extra protection. Comfort is assured, along with style of course, thanks to a playful patchwork mixture of high quality materials and colours and a trendy vulcanised structure. Another example of the specific Nike 6.0 ethic: the Mid2. It’s lightweight thanks to their integrated honeycomb heel which improve relaxation and help to develop power. Their adjustable quilted tongues support the feet without constraining them. A whole range of high-performance and fashionable Nike 6.0 trainers await you on at conditions that won’t get you worked up: you get free deliveries and returns, you can try them on at home with your friends and family, and there’s 100 days for your to decide whether your new Nike 6.0 shoes are, yes or no, the trainers that you need. As far as we’re concerned, we’re persuaded- yet again Nike has followed the right wave with the 6.0 line!

Do you love Nike 6.0 as much as we do?

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