Mosquitos footwear first became a hit in the 1980s when its premium designs reflecting the very latest trends were sold in boutiques to high-end customers. During the 80s and 90s, after the brand was bought by the famous accessories designer Stéphane Kélian, Mosquitos became a diffusion line that appealed to a much broader customer base through designs that were both affordable yet on-trend. Affected by the collapse of Stéphane Kelian's parent company, the Mosquitos label disappeared for a while before rising from the ashes in 2006, when it was bought by the Vivarte group. The brand is now managed by Sylvie Bondil with Philippe Morvan heading up design — the star duo responsible for the explosive relaunch of Pataugas in the 2000s. Mosquitos footwear is not resting on its laurels from when it was a big name brand and is hoping to captivate all generations this time around. Morvan is creating designs for both those who loved Mosquitos in its previous incarnation and the younger generations who didn't get the chance to discover its distinct style first time around. The new collections of boots, ankle boots and heels feature intricate details and are more on-trend than ever. "Mosquitos is back, but it won't please everyone!"

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