Moheda Toffeln offers the absolute authenticity of Swedish clogs made in Sweden by Swedes for Swedes - and as a stroke of luck, 50% of the production is for the export! In the United States and in Japan, the fans of 70s fashion have been fighting for Moheda Toffeln clogs for decades and the brand is now back in France thanks to a renewal of the national interest for the natural products. A reforestation programme managing the cutting of trees to maintain the European wood heritage supplies wood for Moheda Toffeln clogs and leathers are tanned on the spot. 5 generations succeeded at the head of this family company, whose headquarters and latest fashion factory are established in the village of Moheda in the heart of the Swedish province of Småland (literally: the small country). Moheda Toffeln produces flexible and safe clogs adapted to all contemporary lifestyles. The vision and the technique of skin and wood craftsmen meet the hands and the eyes of designers to create ideal traditional yet fashionable and contemporary accessories! Set a foot in Sweden with Moheda Toffeln clogs!

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