There’s one word that sums up the Mexicana spirit: passion! This passion takes us back to adolescence, when a pair of cowboy boots was already a rallying cry for rock and adventure. Mexicana was born in 1988 with designers inspired by the people, tradition, and style of Mexico. Mexicana styles are varied, but beyond the collections, trends, and fashion, Mexicana’s principal concerns are quality and respect. Mexicana understands that even the best technology wouldn’t go very far without the abilities of dozens of artists steeped in the traditions and customs of their native country. From the choice of materials to sketches to final details, Mexicana’s human touch eases the harshness of machine manufacturing. Each pair of Mexicana boots is different and unique, ready to go on any foot. So much more than just shoes, these boots belong to the luxury world of surprising and original creations that skillful, creative artists designed deliberately to seduce! Mexicana boots convey a state of mind, a mentality that allows everyone to express his own passionate character.

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