The Meindl company comes from a long tradition of craftsmen in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria. In 1683, Petrus Meindl was the first craftsman shoemaker from the Meindl family in the Bavarian village. In the early 20th century the story accelerated for Meindl: in 1935, a sewing machine is purchased for €15 and two people work for the company; almost a century later, Meindl is a thriving shoe company that attracts adventurers from around the world! The brand is indeed one of the pioneers in the field of trekking: from the 80s, Meindl was the first in Germany to produce shoes lined Gore-Tex ®. Today, with its experience, Meindl has produced over one million pairs of outdoor shoes a year, always with the same philosophy, which integrates tradition and innovation. From both sides of the globe, in the Alps, the deserts of Africa and Asia, in the jungles of South America or Australia, explorers from around the world trust Meindl!

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