Marco is one company that has come a long way! Born in Eure, France in the 18th century in the midst of a shoemaking family, Marco had its heyday during the 20th century and became popular for the flawless quality of its creations. The brand reputation became so strong that it even sold shoes to the army during the world war! Today, Marco has been reborn from the ashes, offering a catalogue of new and enticing ideas. Marco breathes new life into its creations with graceful, slender styles available in a variety of colours. Marco shoes are also infused with an incredible lightness, thanks to their new soles made of cork. For yet another highlight, Marco now offers “9th width” styles that adapt to clients’ new morphology—larger and larger with each generation! And since Marco wants to please every type of customer, the brand also offers models with eased prices containing a simplified construction but maintaining outstanding quality. Choosing Marco is choosing Made in France quality assurance and styles that emphasise comfort above all else!

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