Established in Italy in 1956, the Manas label is a family business. The third generation of the Sagripanti family continues a noble artisan tradition while still offering to the whole world innovative and fashionable accessories that are varied but with an affirmed identity. Manas pays particular attention to the satisfaction of its clientele, and it was the first make of Italian shoes to obtain the certificate ISO 9001, which distinguishes the brand for excellence in its quality management. For this reason, Manas shoes offer unequalled trustworthiness and each shoe is subject to a closely scrutinised check in a list of categories: leatherware, colour, lining... The human and environmental impact is carefully evaluated as well. The Manas brand is involved in projects that include recycling, education, and has plans to promote the young, united and competitive members of their team. Whether it concerns the Manas range Leo Foscati with its sophisticated feminine elegance or the contemporary easy chic of Manas Design, the brand has long since outgrown the “Conchitas”, its first shoes with vulcanised soles, but it has never forgotten its roots. You can count on Manas shoes for style, quality, comfort and value, just like you can count on Sarenza to provide you with buying conditions that are simple, tranquil, and pleasant.

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