Lulu Castagnette

Since its launch, Parisian brand Lulu Castagnette won the heart of teens with her clothing line that is playful and easy to wear. The Lulu Castagnette brand boasts "universal tender inspired by the childhood collections of emotions" as described by its founder Charles Lahmi, so much so that the famous Pooh knit sweater quickly found its way to all girls closets in the 90s and 2000s! Besides the Pooh sweater, Lulu Castagnette helped launch the "American flag" look on their sweaters and T-shirts in the days of iconic 90s American soap operas. In 2002, Lulu Castagnette has reinvented itself by greatly expanding its product offering stationery, shoes, glasses, linens, watches, lingerie and perfumes. At Lulu Castagnette, there is something for the whole family! Be Lulu: a lifestyle that is lived as a family every day!

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