Colourful and playful, Logoshirt bags are loved by a young clientele that likes fashion and fun! Established in Germany in 1994, the Logoshirt brand made a name for itself by taking famous logos such as those from Brandt or Jägermeister, and put them on t-shirts in an inventive and fun way. The rebellious but nice graphics from Logoshirt’s creations has had a big success amongst teenagers and young adults who have been won over by the retro style and the absurd spirit of the brand. Logoshirt continues its subversive yet peaceful enterprise in rending homage ironically to labels, often of German origin but internationally renowned, such has Milky Way, Leibniz or Klosterfrau. The craze continues with the launch of a new collection of bags that are off beat but still with a sense of humour and full of colour. Messenger bags, sports bags, or even small travel bags, the Logoshirt accessories are for an ever growing public that’s aware of the workings of the brand and of its trendy styles. Between references to the GDR and winks of the eye to Pan Am, Logoshirt bags ride the wave of international fashion, drawing ever more fans thanks to its fun and widely available accessories.

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