Lise Lindvig

Always on the lookout for the latest trends, Sarenza is now host to the young Danish designer Lise Lindvig, whose fresh designs have been worn by voguish fashionistas for some seasons now. The Lise Lindvig brand was launched in Copenhagen in the summer of 2006 and was quickly noticed for its smooth originality, its desirable feminine lines and its real sense of style. Designed by the créateur herself, Lise Lindvig shoes have been at the centre of special attention: from the first drafts, to the choice of the materials that will incarnate the shoes, and on to the factory where they’re produced, every step has been the subject of close scrutiny. The Lise Lindvig brand, this rising star of Danish design, has a speciality in little details that make all the difference- a well positioned fold, a mix of materials or bold colours, an innovative heel... all the while keeping an eye on current fashion trends. And if Lise Lindvig shoes reach our hearts, it’s because they are inspired from life- our life- and the lives of all the beautiful world capitals that the designer visits every year. With a charming mix of influences, the Lise Lindvig shoes bring an adorable Danish Touch to our wardrobe!

Do you love Lise Lindvig as much as we do?

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