Alfred Lamarthe launched his own collection in Paris in the 1930s. Femininity, quality and functionality soon became the watchwords of the brand, and the company had a brilliant future ahead of it. Today, Lamarthe bags are synonymous throughout the world with French luxury. A few years ago, the unicorn brand wanted to reinvent itself and revitalise its ranges, and the Franco-Italian style team was supported during the temporary collections by designers from all four corners of the globe. One particular venture that sticks in the mind was the wonderful collaboration with Sophie Levy to create Les Bijoux de Sophie. Now worn by an extremely glamorous leading figure by the name of Elettra Rosellini, Lamarthe is spreading from Australia to Japan and to the United States. But its heart remains in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where it established its showcase boutique. This is the hub from which everything radiates. Lamarthe bags are made according to the traditional methods used by leather craftsmen, starting with carefully selected Italian leathers. The distinctive Lamarthe collections include oversized shopping bags made from ultra-soft leather and glossy evening clutches, as well as classically elegant bucket bags and highly desirable ethnic-meets-chic overnight bags. The brand chose the unicorn as its emblem, for its purity, its beauty and its strength. Qualities that Lamarthe bags are able to communicate to their happy owners.

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