The history of Kickers began in 1969 when Daniel Raufast saw the poster for the musical comedy Hair. This was the period in which denim fashion was launched — as a young and cool fashion. Singers wore coloured shirts and went barefoot. The new generation were no longer interested in dad-style loafers and Daniel Raufast had a brilliant idea for dressing all these young people! As the story goes, it was when he saw an ad for Levi's that the idea for the famous Kickers ankle boots, the Legend, was born. His new shoes were inspired by the jeans style: the stamped rivets reinforcing the stitching on the pockets leading into the eyelets for the laces, the small red label at the ankle of the shoe and the double row of coloured topstitching on the upper of the heel like on the pockets of jeans. It was a new way of expressing oneself, of reclaiming one's freedom; it was the fashion of youth. Kickers shoes are comfortable, easy to look after and free in movement like the hippie trend of the 1970s. Conventions have been turned upside down. As for the name, it comes from the verb "to kick" and from "kicker", which in rugby speak is the one who kicks the ball. Another important point is the distinctive feature of Kicker soles — pastille green on the right shoe and red on the left shoe, to help younger wearers.

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