Kalso Earth

Today, most brands offer shoes which are very stylish but which give little thought to the health of users, while a handful of others offer specialist shoes, which are good for the feet but not for the appearance... Earth shoes reconcile these two very contemporary concerns, much to the relief of our legs! The anatomical insole provides added support for the sole of the foot, and the Biofoam cushion adapts to the shape of the foot. Two components which round off the real great innovation of Earth shoes: the Kalsø® Negative Heel Technology®. A rather gruesome sounding name which conceals a concrete fact — the sole is inclined at a slight angle (3.7°), which means that the toe is higher than the heel! This invention allows all wearers of Earth shoes to keep their feet in good condition and even to burn off some calories and live a fuller everyday life. A short period of time is needed to get used to the shoes, but soon you won't be able to do without them! The tone of calves and thighs is improved, the abdominal girdle is strengthened, and posture and breathing are corrected. The benefits of Earth shoes have been proven in clinical trials. The brand has a large number of fans who buy three or four pairs a year for all occasions, from the very casual to those with a stricter dress code. Join the Earth club.

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