Kallisté is a Greek word meaning “the most beautiful”… and indeed Kallisté shoes perfectly embody the sense of beauty and luxury! The famous Italian brand has been very successful since 1952 with its personal style making it the it-brand for head-strong fashionistas! Kallisté shoes frequently appear in the most prestigious magazines ... this luxury brand is distinguished by its attention to detail, its high-quality leather and its creativity! Always in the forefront, the history of Kallisté is created from meticulous research, evolution, modernism, and an innate sense of urban fashion. Even the most knowledgeable trendsetters hopelessly succumb to the charm of Kallisté shoes! Be enchanted by the glamorous heels worthy of a Hollywood star, the trendy, urban ankle boots, or the rebellious, biker boots ... our selection of shoes Kallisté will impress you!

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