John Spencer

John Spencer owns the blazon of excellence for almost a century. Founded in England in 1915, the brand gathers craftsmen proud of their know-how since it very beginning. This know-how transmitted generation after generation is the fruit of the long years of apprenticeship necessary to master more than 200 operations at the basis of a John Spencer shoe. Patience is the magic word: every accessory takes up to 8 weeks to come into life. Turning determinedly the back to mass production, John Spencer offers personal creations, which are to adopt the personality of every foot over time. Each pair of shoes is expected to live 20 years or more as their Goodyear sewing enables the replacement of soles as they wear out and guarantees the insulation of the shoe and its protection against the harshness of the ground. John Spencer shoes are not only long-lasting and nice accessories but also styles in perfect agreement with the last trends, whether they come from the streets or from the not-so-static world of classics. To purchase a pair of John Spencer loafers, Derby shoes or even ankle boots is to choose excellence, comfort, and individuality.

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