Joe Sanchez

The Joe Sanchez brand was established in 1988. Its founders had already built up an excellent reputation and had 15 years of experience in manufacturing sandals and cowboy boots. The launch of the new brand was greeted with record sales, a well-earned reward for Joe Sanchez's commitment to beautiful shoes. In 2004, the brand decided to take one step further into the world of design, renewing its image and extending its range. Alongside the classic lines that sealed the brand's success, Joe Sanchez now offers a range of very contemporary designs. Shapes are elegant and the materials sophisticated: knee boots are in patent or suede, uppers are accentuated with musketeer-style tops or oversized elastic gores for a look that combines trend and comfort. A genuine scientific approach to the boot is at work! This is backed up by traditional Italian manufacturing processes that also make use of the latest technological advances. Joe Sanchez shoes and their well-established personality will continue to appeal to lovers of authentic Western boots — while also gaining a following from the most demanding fashionistas.

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