When you are given a pair of Hunter boots and take them out of their wonderful all-black packaging, what you are holding in your hands is not a pair of ordinary rubber boots. They are a luxury product with more than 150 years of history. Hunter boots rose out of the mists of Scotland in 1856. From their early years, Hunter boots showed a durability, an elegance and a level of comfort which marked them out for a brilliant future. All Hunter Original boots are made from an anatomical mould; the design is an assembly of 28 pieces of 100% natural rubber on a comfortable multi-thickness sole. The nobility and bourgeoisie hunters are no longer the only ones to wear Hunter boots — the flexibility and allure of this accessory are enough to seduce all lovers of nature and freedom of large open spaces. Hunter has even begun to make appearances at the Glastonbury open-air rock festival. The unique character of these boots has enabled the Hunter brand to become both the official supplier to the British Crown and the must-have accessory of celebrities such as Kate Moss! This alliance of a venerable British heritage with a trendy and cosmopolitan attitude has cemented the inimitable identity of Hunter Original boots.

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