Gino Rossi

Add a touch of Polish elegance to your look by succumbing to the chic Gino Rossi collection! A true temple of fashion in Poland, the brand Gino Rossi is a benchmark among fashionistas from the East! Established in June 1992, the Italian-Polish brand Gino Rossi was named one of its founders: Signore Gino Rossi. With high-end collections combining crucial know-how with high quality materials as well as a design directly inspired by the latest catwalk trends, Gino Rossi offers a vision of fashion revisiting the most beautifully classic dressing with extreme refinery. Gino Rossi, is synonymous with high quality leather riding boots, moccasins, seventies-inspired boots... It is the sharp attention to detail that cements Gino Rossi in the fashion landscape!

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