George's was founded by Jordi Coll (in Catalan, Jordi means George's), the son of a shoemaker in Inca (Mallorca). Inca is considered the epicentre of the Spanish shoe: Brands like Carmina and Camper are also native to the island! George's makes shoes in the traditional way but is also known for its innovative spirit that creates original designs incorporating materials and soles enjoying all the advanced technology. George’s is not only a brand, it's a state of mind: a craft factory that produces only 250 pairs per day and whose management system is based on the horizontal so that each is the equal to the next. George's gives importance to the human factor, and more value to quality rather than quantity: his creations are superb models of the modern and the timeless all at once, that are made to last! George's has a message for us: "Consume less, live more!”

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