Launched in 1989, its distinct, innovative and cutting-edge style quickly gave G-Star a place among the denim avant-garde. “A style of all times. Futuristic but cautious. Far-reaching and experimental. Alternative but traditional”: this is how G-Star can be defined and this identity drew now trusting fans from all over the world. G-Star shoes are born in the rough and raw spirit of jeans. “Just the product” is the philosophy G-Star dedicated team of specialists follow as they combine technical know-how and unorthodox approach of design and materials. The result rests on a strong signature and on G-Star Raw Luxury stamped shoes. Shape and function meet in three main creative focuses: a military nonconformist and fashion range, a functional range based on the fine science to collect, to rethink and to change classical forms to produce luxury street wear and finally, a sporty line mixing street poetry, vintage sportswear and G-Star technical characteristics. Comfort and top quality materials fit a more and more styled design. A G-star style. Precise and universal.

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