FYE shoes respect the environment, the people who wear them, and the workers that make them. Just recently released on the French market, the project has taken two years to elaborate: two years spent researching the perfect material composition for an ethical shoe for the new generation; two years calculating the impact each stage of production will have on man and nature, in order to be able to offset the balance… two years also spent dreaming up the FYE neo-trainer- ethical but fashionable, green but desirable. The FYE brand has thought of everything to minimise the utilisation the resources of our Earth. In this spirit, their shoes are made from biological cotton and recycled polyester, the soles are a mix of recycled shoes and natural rubber, the pigments are natural and the glues are water based to assure that the workers, like our customers, are not exposed to toxic products. What’s more, for every pair of FYE shoes sold, a tree is planted by Planète Urgence, and 5% of the price of the sale is donated to projects dedicated to security, health, and education. With their style and approach, FYE shoes could have been sold at a high price, but it’s not the case: there’s a real democratic creation.

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