Freeman T. Porter

A brand born out of admiration of a son for his father. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, the young Freeman T. Porter, a soldier of the U.S. Army landed on European soil during World War II. It was during this time, as all good love stories go, that he fell in love with a young German woman who gave birth to a son who would honour him decades later. In 1993, a German-American designer decided to name the clothing line he had just created after his father, Freeman T.Porter. The collections logically draw from Army gear, reinterpreted to suggest an increasingly urban and contemporary style. With a solid experience of the Battle pant and denim, the brand has forged a reputation for excellence. From here the brand developed "military", "workwear" and "college", collections of clothing and shoes designed by a team of international stylists which appeals to customers all around the world.

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