Floris Van Bommel

Floris Van Bommel is the last offspring of a family of shoemakers, the Van Bommel, who created the family factory in 1734! Since then, passion has been passed down from generation to generation and magic continues to operate! Floris Van Bommel is indeed a product of his time: young, dynamic, intelligent and bewitching, he mixes styles and influences to create a unique look in the image of his values: his collections include city shoes, classic but modern ones, flashy sneakers, colorful desert boots, vitamin sandals, and a whole range of transcategories and transgender shoes, which can only delight lovers of unique products with strong character! Floris Van Bommel, with a strong charisma, is now a recurring guest of Dutch talk shows: the one who self-nicknamed "Flow Rush" (his fictitious name of gangsta-rapper) More talk about him: soon, it will be impossible to escape the Floris Van Bommel wave, and the more, the better!

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