Florian Wernert

Florian Wernert was officially born in 2011 out of the partnership of two Parisian men’s shoe designers. They immediately won the Leather and Creation contest, which has propelled them to the heights! Florian Wernert offers an alternative for men who want to wear shoes that are subtly different, in attainable collections with an accessible price rage. Along with the undivided attention given to the choice of materials, craftsmanship, and finishes, Florian Wernert already presents a detailed signature that is unique to the brand: false symmetry, optical illusions, and subtle combinations of different materials and colours. Florian Wernert draws its inspiration from the city where its creators live: the beautiful, cosmopolitan, chic, arty Paris. Jump on the bandwagon and follow fashion to where it is born: creation is a vibrant and dynamic culture which Florian Wernet always upholds!

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