Always imitated but never duplicated, the Spanish brand Original Festival created in 1959 is THE authentic footwear for a trendy look. Originally launched on the Costa Blanca, these completely handmade shoes represent high quality and were an immediate success in the 1970s. From the Azure Coast to the Italian Riveria to stars like John Lenon and David Bowie, Festival Original shoes were quickly seen as iconic of “Mediterranean cool.” Today, the brand Original Festival is experiencing a resurgence thanks to designer Jean Pierre Genoun. Continuing to distill a traditional and authentic feel, he’s dusting off the classics while maintaining the timeless elegance and traditional artistry of Original Festival. Long time fans will love rediscovering the brand’s iconic styles, while fashionistas on the lookout for new shoes will be delighted by the trendy, sharp collection. From derbies to oxfords to desert boots or moccasins, these styles are infused with bright colour and authentic matierials including Oxford canvas, denim, recycled canvas, and even suede.

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