At Sarenza.com we've fallen in love with the "Feiyue" sports shoe, a little canvas sneaker with a long history… Feiyue (pronounced "fay-you-ay") literally means "to fly" and "to cross" in Chinese and translates as "flying forward" in English. In China, "feiyue" is used to symbolise the dual elevation of both body and mind. The first Feiyue sports shoe was produced in Shanghai in 1920 and became famous throughout China in 1930. Robust and flexible at the same time, this sneaker crosses all social boundaries in China and is also very popular among the grand masters of the martial arts. This ability to appeal to very different social strata was what attracted Patrice Bastian, a globetrotter with a passion for discovery. Along with his friend, graphic designer Charles Munka, Nicolas Séguy and Clément Fauth, Bastian decided to develop and relaunch the image of the Feiyue sneaker which was starting to tire. Teaming up with the factory's owner in China, the young French team based between China and France retained the original manufacturing processes and used unique furnaces to model the vulcanised soles. The launch of the new Feiyue collection in February 2006 happily coincided with a renewed craze for canvas sneakers. Traditional expertise, a strong history and a simple, retro design all combine to produce these hot and highly desirable Feiyue sneakers.

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