When Marc Ecko opened his first shop in New Brunswick, New Jersey, it was difficult to imagine then that this brand would become one of the main brands for clothes and accessories, generating millions of dollars and dressing the world most important celebrities up. And yet the rhinoceros logo is now famous worldwide and knocks people from 60 countries down. Worn by international stars such as 50 Cent or Ashley Tisdale, supported by cinema stars from Spike Lee to Star Wars producer Lucas studio, Marc Ecko also edits Complex magazine and produces successful video games. But shoes are no hobbies as the young genius teenager’ fate was sealed when he discovered his first Nike Jordan’s pair. An influence he acknowledges, determining the definitely urban style of his sneakers collections. Marc Ecko shoes enable street lifestyle amateurs to wear an unstoppable attitude from head to toes! And there is no better place than Sarenza to get these exclusive accessories!

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