Duke of Haming

The Duke never wears trainers! Fifteen years ago in the United States, a shoe enthusiast immersed in the cult, rebel footwear of street fashion had a sudden stroke of inspiration and launched the Duke of Haming brand. The shoe was a moccasin inspired from Indian culture with a moulded latex outsole manufactured in Spain, a country known for spreading the moccasin style to young people throughout Europe. Teenagers immediately took to the brand, making Duke of Haming footwear a fashionable and chic alternative to trainers. Women also quickly adapted to the non-conformist moccasin style, while the trendiest men looked for the most unlikely colours to become next season’s “must-have” styles. Even seniors swiftly realised that that the Walter could provide cosy comfort to their tired feet. This is the extreme simplicity of the Duke of Haming line: incomparable comfort of hand sewn slippers and innovative fashion give these shoes their strong international reputation!

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