Italian brand Dude rolls out its exuberant creations all over Europe! Dude shoes embody the new-generation loafer, stylish and fanciful at the same time. Their flexible resin sole, developed by DuPont de Nemours, strikes a perfect balance between lightness (a pair weighs approximately 150 grams) and comfort. Dude shoes also feature an internal leather sole, anatomically designed and removable. Even better, the incredible structure of Dude shoes means they can be folded in two so you can carry them about anywhere with you! Dude shoes target a young public, fashion-conscious and on the lookout for new concepts. Their innovative and flexible design is perfect for the migratory lifestyle of urban dwellers. For yourself or your entire clan, for going out on the town, to college, work, or simply for relaxing, Dude is the natural choice. What's more, the very affordable price of Dude loafers puts them genuinely accessible to everyone

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