Couleur Pourpre

Set up in 2002, the French brand Couleur Pourpre is the brainchild of three experienced footwear specialists who are serious about quality but inspired visionaries when it comes to style. Every pair of Couleur Pourpre shoes has its own tale to tell, conjured up by little details that delight all who see them. A turned-up toe just like Aladdin, a lovingly positioned patent strap, leather dotted with little stars, a velvet ribbon or an adorable grosgrain knot — Couleur Pourpre's creativity is endless. Overflowing with imaginative ideas, the designers just had to create a special collection of pumps, playfully named Ballib' — a blend of the French word for pumps and the chic Parisian cycle hire service Velib. Ultra-light, ultra-soft and ultra-compact, these vegetable-tanned leather pumps fold in two and can be curled up into a little pouch and slipped easily into your bag. Ideal for fashionistas who are always on the go, they can be taken anywhere to give your feet a much-needed break from those killer heels. They'll be a best friend you can always count on! They have a wear-resistant heel so they're perfect for driving too. Just like us, Ballib' pumps hate the rain as they're not waterproof. They much prefer sunshine! Couleur Pourpre loves girls who love girly shoes and all the stories that go with them. Especially fairy tales...

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